Dr. Israa Omran

Assistant professor at Gulf University for science and technology

Talk Title

 "An Integrated Holistic Model for an E-Health System: A National Implementation Approach and A New Cloud-based Security Model"


Although its structure and strategies are rapidly evolving, the impact of the e-health on the health systems is evident. Implementing e-health systems on a national level can drastically enhance the health practices and services provided to the patients and community. Hence, the engineering of a new model and holistic framework for e-health systems becomes a necessity in order to have an effective implementation of these systems. The vast and rapid development in computers, communication, and Internet technologies has significantly affected the contemporary health systems. However, the complexity of health environment, the abundance of information and knowledge are significant as the lack of unified e-health framework is creating real challenges to present efficient and attractive e-health model that encompasses all these elements. furthermore, the dimension of maintaining an acceptable quality of services (QoS) in the e-health environment becomes a real challenge. This research presents a new model and an integrated framework for an efficient implementation of e-health systems. The proposed model and framework successfully incorporates all the success factors of efficient e-health system along with a new security model.

Date/ place

2nd of March 2020-Kuwait University (Khaldiya Campus, 1st floor in the MCC Laboratory area, Lab 2)