Israa Omran
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, CAMB Chair
Chair of IEEE section at Gulf University for Science & Technology
PhD in Computer Science, 2013 (University of Sunderland, United Kingdom)

Department: Computer Science, GUST.

Research Groups: Applied & Computational Mathematics; Computational Intelligence & Data mining.

Danish Ahmed
Associate Professorof Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences
He received his masters degree (MSci) in Mathematics from Imperial College London (UK) and his doctorate (Phd) from University of Leicester, UK. His current research interests are in Mathematical and Theoretical Ecology, with focus on mechanistic models of animal movement.

Department: Mathematics and Natural Sciences, GUST.

Research Interests:
Mathematical and Theoretical Ecology

Fadi Deeb
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
PhD in Computer Science, 2018 (University of Kent, UK)

Department: Computer Science, GUST.

Research Group: Data Science & Statistical Modeling, Scientific Computing.

Research Interests:
   1. Information Visualization/Graph Drawing and Layout methods and techniques
   2. Search-based Techniques
   3. Data Mining 

Kamaludin Dingle
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
PhD in Mathematical Biology, 2014 (Oxford University, UK)

Department: Mathematics and Natural Sciences, GUST.

Research Group: Systems Biology and Bioinformatics.  

Research Interests:
   1. Algorithmic information theory
   2. Biological evolution

Hana Al Ostad
PhD. in Computer Science, 2016 (Arizona State University)

Department: Computer Science, GUST.

Research interest: Natural Language Processing (NLP), Social Media Mining.