Dr. Mohamed Smaoui

Assistant professor at Kuwait University


Talk Title

 "Development Platform for Artificial Pancreas Algorithms"


Type I Diabetes patients require daily injections of insulin to survive. Patients carry devices that are connected with their abdomen to periodically secrete insulin every few minutes. These devices work as an “artificial pancreas” and help control the sugar levels in the body. Within these devices lie algorithms that decide when to release insulin and in what quantity. Assessing these algorithms is critical in developing automated and fault-tolerant solutions that are safe for patients. The development and evaluation of algorithms can be facilitated with a platform that conducts virtual clinical trials. We present in this talk a clinically validated cloud-based distributed platform that supports the development and comprehensive testing of such algorithms for type 1 diabetes.

Date/ place

9th of Dec 2019- Gulf University for science and Techology W1-010